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Family Owned and Operated Since 1952




Since Traeger Furís inventory is constantly changing, in order to experience and appreciate the full extent of their entire collection, a visit to the Traeger Furs Showroom is a must!


Traeger Furs is not a traditional fur store.

Traeger Furs is a family owned-and-operated business for over 55 years offering the latest and most innovative styles in un-traditional fur and shearling garments with a fresh, new approach. An innovator in Fun and Functional Winter Warmth, Traeger Furs is an exciting, creative, and forward thinking company that is constantly evolving. Understanding that wearability is the key to emerging fur and shearling designs, Traeger Furs has combined "on-the-go comfort and warmth" with "versatility and functionality," culminating in the ideal Collection of Luxury Winter Outerwear garments, perfectly designed to fit today's active and mostly casual lifestyle. From sleek street chic to sublime sophistication, the versatility of this seasons winter fashions make fur and shearling more wearable than ever. For daytime, nighttime, weekdays in your neighborhood, or weekends on the town, fur and shearling should be an integral part of any wardrobe.

"For Every Day and Everywhere, Traeger Fits Your Lifestyle."

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